PaperCrane Mobility Solutions: Cloud based integrated ERP solutions for Education, Beauty & Wellness, Finance, Media, Healthcare, Process & Retail industries

CIO Vendor Adoption of cloud computing has been increasing rapidly as enterprises are deploying Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to reduce the operational costs and improve scalability. Cloud has driven the digital transformation, particularly in the SME sector, by providing core components required to run a business over the internet, thereby eliminating the need to install large infrastructure. However, most of the cloud migrations often fail to add value to the business owing to lack of consistent transformational strategy and load balancing techniques as scalability of cloud depends on proper allocation of resources. Load balancing plays a major role in the successful cloud implementation by distributing workloads across multiple servers in the cloud for optimal utilization of resources. Moreover, cloud implementation could turn out to be expensive and incur unwanted costs due to ineffective auto-scaling, resulting in poor system performance and scalability issues.

Driving Digital Transformation with Scalable Cloud Infrastructure
Perfectly understanding the cloud implementation problems of enterprises, PaperCrane Mobility Solutions, a company specializing in developing robust cloud apps using micro-service architecture came forward to address them by providing highly agile and scalable cloud infrastructure. PaperCrane delivers highly secure and tailor-made cloud solutions powered by AI and IoT for organisations of all sizes cutting across the business verticals. “Cloud offers a combination of computing, networking, and storage solutions. It delivers huge benefits for SMEs in terms of cost reduction. Increase in the number of users or data storage leads to ineffectiveness of the cloud solutions. Hence, we design solutions based on distributed object model with load balancing and auto-scaling features to help our clients overcome the issues of scalability and data
storage. We utilize the full advantage of cost-effectiveness, scalability, flexibility, security and performance benefits offered by cloud to develop next-generation scalable apps that are easy to modify and perform with low latency under various degrees of load,” informs Majo Mathew, CEO, PaperCrane Mobility Solutions.

We have delivered cloud based integrated ERP solutions for various industries like Education, Beauty and Wellness, Finance, Media, Healthcare, Process, Retail etc

Actionable Insights for Data-driven Decisions
The solutions developed by PaperCrane enable ease of operations and provide actionable insights to help businesses make data driven decision. Since organisations move sensitive data to the cloud platforms, complementing cloud infrastructure with appropriate security and backup solutions helps secure the sensitive data. PaperCrane uses highly secure cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean for hosting the solutions and safeguards the sensitive data by enabling multi-factor authentication, data encryption and by adding physical and virtual firewalls. The company provides innovative solutions to help businesses manage their workforce and provides real-time access to the data for the employees through a secure internet connection.

“We have delivered cloud based integrated ERP solutions for various industries like Education, Beauty and Wellness, Finance, Media, Healthcare, Process, Retail etc. We have built cloud solutions for wedding vendor aggregation, commercial vehicle booking, matrimony sites etc. Currently, we are working on a reverse auction application to cater to the needs of B2B and B2C segments,” concludes Mathew.