Enveu: Leading with Digital and Cloud Solutions for Media Industry

CIO Vendor Getting your content to every corner of the globe and making it available to all users on demand is a task that demands massive marketing of all sorts. Start-ups to medium to giants, each and every business needs marketing, sales, customer acquisition, and services. In successive years, media-based services have generated momentum with massive aid from cloud services. There used to be a time when tech giants had capital, investment, and infrastructure to dominate the premier media advertising. Now leveraging cloud service has become an integral part of media services empowering even the startups to become an equal player in media service space. This has significantly changed the business scenario. Today, big clients are themselves preferring startups to get their job done. The main reason is the reduced ‘go-to’ market time with startups, far evolved expertise in Digital and Cloud technologies as compared to established firms. Along with cost-effectiveness, Start-ups provide quick solution leveraging the Cloud offerings. When it comes to offering cutting edge, high quality and yet costeffective media services and complex solutions, a Digital Transformation and Product Engineering focused startup, Enveu, is trailblazing this initiative in Media & Entertainment Industry.

Partnering in transformation and growth
At Enveu, the prime focus is to provide consulting and robust engineering services across segments like OTT, streaming video engineering, cloud adoption, mobility and Connected media/TV products delivering personalized experiences to end users, Analytics and Big data solutions, AI and ML implementation and many more such use cases which are best in class and are readily available over the Cloud. Enveu leverages Cloud services as a foundation to build robust, self-managed and highly scalable platforms and products which enable their clients to achieve faster time to market and continuously innovate to meet the ever evolving consumer needs.

The company provides competitive services to clients to help them retain their positions in the market and spend less capital including SLAs
(System Level Agreement) that of an extended team itself. Their Client business first approach and focus on playing a critical partner role adds to their advantage while talking to clients. With the managed and serverless services over cloud, one can provide the SLA of 99.99 percent which is equivalent to SLAs provided by large enterprises. Cloud enables Enveu's team to design and develop systems which can be automatically managed and scaled as per the needs, requiring no manual intervention or monitoring which helps in cost savings.

Enveu leverages Cloud services as a foundation to build robust, self-managed and highly scalable platforms and products which enable their clients to achieve faster time to market

Strengthening Long Term Engagements
Enveu's focus is to help their clients grow their business when developing and delivering solutions by engaging in a regular innovation and improvements dialogue with them.

Enveu's core competency is around building robust, flexible and highly scalable complex media solutions leveraging partnerships with other ISVs, Cloud Services, Analytics Software, etc. The company offers pre-integrated solutions with some of the widely used Software providers, which allows them to provide a lot of flexibility and faster time to market to their Clients. The current engagements are in Asia where Enveu is working with several large Pay TV operators, premium broadcasters, telecom companies, and Radio businesses; helping them build their products around OTT and Streaming Engagement space. It is also a close technology partner for few big European and American based video platforms too.

“For us, it is very important to put ourselves in our Client’s shoes and think of their end consumers. This approach allows us to solve real world problems and provide much pragmatic technology solutions which brings positive impact to our clients business both in short and long term.” says Chandan Luthra, heads Technology Initiatives @Enveu.