CloudEnsembler: Simplifying the Journey of Cloud for Enterprises

CIO Vendor In this fast-changing business environment, it is extremely critical for an enterprise to be agile and responsive to customer demands. In this race, it is not the smallest one but the slowest one that will lose. But while being fast; it is also very important to keep costs under check, while optimising performance. A Cloud Startup is expected to help enterprises in achieving these objectives. While cloud technologies are evolving to solve most of the problems, the intricacies needed to fully utilize the cloud itself pose a different set of challenges to all types of business organizations. Right from the infrastructure needed to integrate cloud with the existing infrastructure, to the establishment of an optimized and cost effective Data Centre; the enterprises who offer cloud solutions have multiple roles to play. It becomes mandatory for cloud vendors to understand and offer solutions and products that are tailor made to suit the needs of different enterprises.

Pune and Navi Mumbai based company, CloudEnsembler provides such offerings to help enterprises in optimising the DC Infrastructure and managing the application lifecycles efficiently using Cloud Native Technologies. In this endeavour, the company envisions becoming a strategic and trusted partner to enterprises by providing cost-effective, high quality Cloud Native solutions to simplify the journey of cloud.

Functioning Beyond Cloud Migration
As a Cloud Startup, CloudEnsembler is not just another cloud migration company. The company possesses the capabilities and technologies to build enterprise-level cloud infrastructure (on-premise or public cloud). CloudEnsembler provides an edge to its customers by offering the entire spectrum of infrastructure solutions including (i) Transforming complete cloud platforms using Docker and Kubernetes and application lifecycle management, (ii) Building Cloud storage (using opensource or ready-made products) and (iii) its management like backup, replication, DR, and
Network Management (using OVS and other technologies).

Organizations have increasingly witnessed a significant number of challenges pertaining to Cloud Infrastructure. Challenges like, (i) optimizing work, (ii) ensuring high availability, (iii) allowing tracking and charge-back of individual units of work, are rampant and difficult to mitigate without sound and nuanced expertise. Optimization and seamless integration are on top of the list of pain points that CloudEnsembler strategically alleviates. With the Container technologies, the company helps in optimizing the Data Center Infrastructure; while deploying Orchestration technologies like Kubernetes to manage the container Infrastructure.

The company envisions becoming a strategic and trusted partner to enterprises by providing costeffective, high quality Cloud Native solutions to simplify the journey of cloud

Automation for Easier and Effective Operations
It is not only the developers but also the IT Operations teams that are now leading the container adoption as it really adds value in the design as well as operations phases. Containerization enables uniform behaviour of an application across the platforms and various stages of SDLC; thus making the life easier for the IT Operations Manager. This also adds a lot of efficiencies to the CI/CD pipeline and makes automation easier and more effective. Automatic bin-packing functionality of Orchestration automatically places containers based on their resource requirements and other constraints, while not sacrificing the availability. This takes away the IT Teams’ hassles of planning where to run the application. Further, CloudEnsembler, in addition to deployment solutions, also helps the customers in the day-to-day management through several dedicated Managed Services offerings.