Amstag Tech: Secure Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services for Sustainable Growth

According to a report by SolarWinds, 85 percent of businesses say that adoption of hybrid cloud services is one of the most important steps to be taken to transform their business operations over the next three to five years. Enterprises are quickly moving from the static and on-premise infrastructure to more dynamic, hybrid and multi cloud platforms which provide flexibility to choose among different clouds for different processes like application development, backend operations, data storage etc. However, real challenge for companies implementing hybrid multi cloud is to effectively handle and manage the multiple cloud platforms. A successful implementation of hybrid cloud depends on the range of collaboration and data transfer within different cloud networks. Moreover, designing and implementing of disaster recovery plan in the hybrid cloud in not an easy task owing to complex architecture of multiple clouds. Implementation of DR plans without proper analysis of business impact may turn out to be ineffective to maintain business continuity and results in severe financial implications.

Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure to Host Enterprise Applications
Clearly understanding the scenario, Amstag Tech a Bangalore based company came to the rescue of enterprises, enabling them to capitalize the Hybrid Multi-Cloud platform and deliver enhanced customer experiences. In association with leading public cloud providers, Amstag provides a wide range of cloud services which include Cloud Managed Services, System Monitoring and Cloud Disaster Recovery Services to help businesses achieve balance and collaboration among different clouds and maintain business continuity. The company also provides security and surveillance consulting, infrastructure management and networking services. “With the Hybrid Multi-Cloud platform, businesses can retain their legacy applications and make use of cloud-native apps, micro-services, monolithic software and systems. They are not bound to one particular technology or platform but will be able to choose from various platforms in open ecosystem depending on the unique business requirements. As of today with respect to the cloud, Big Data and Analytics are not in the reach of SMEs particularly non-IT industries and they look at these technologies as expensive. We are creating a reusable and adaptable open ecosystem where an entrepreneur can leverage the emerging technologies like Analytics, AI, Image recognition, NLP to add value to their business,” informs Debesh Kuanr, Director.

We are creating a reusable and adaptable open ecosystem where an entrepreneur can leverage the emerging technologies like Analytics, AI, Image recognition, NLP to add value to their business

Tailor-made Cloud Solutions with Security at Core
Amstag Tech offers cloud-based server and storage solutions to help businesses maintain all their data and applications in the remote cloud servers. The company through its cloud offerings enables real-time data s y n c h r o n i z a t i o n and empowers the workforce to work remotely by integrating security with cloud solutions to ensure secure operations. The

company provides hybrid cloud infrastructure to help businesses build and host their enterprise applications and data on the secure cloud platforms with security at core. The company also provides tailor-made cloud solutions for organisations across various industries like Education, Manufacturing, Corporate, Religious Centres etc. “With prime focus on the Cloud, we are structuring all the other essential elements of IT infrastructure around it to help our clients harness the potential of latest technologies. The awareness about the Cloud and benefits it offers is still missing in many business verticals. We are trying to educate our clients and make them future-ready to achieve sustainable growth,” concludes Debesh.