TotalCloud: An Intelligent Gamified Visual Cloud Management Platform for Complete Cloud Visibility

CIO Vendor Cloud usage is ubiquitous today. Thanks to factors driving its adoption, such as ease-of-use, cost savings, single-click resource provisioning, reduced time-to-market, etc., it is the pulse of several businesses. However, it is a very dynamic ecosystem, where every minute a new service is launched or scaled up or scaled down.

As a business scales on cloud, effective usage of cloud resources becomes a challenge. Businesses can quickly lose visibility into their own cloud usage because there are thousands of data points to map, hundreds of metrics to track,several tasks to automate,innumerable number of resources to manage & optimize, multiple operations to perform and various services to orchestrate. The bigger challenge is to track, manage, and take action on resources from multiple touch points in a very dynamic environment.

In this fast-paced digital world, businesses are in need of an intelligent platform that allows them to decipher levels of abstraction the cloud offers, contextually understand resource mapping, manage & optimize cloud resources, perform cloud operations, and get complete cloud visibility from a single touch point. Moreover, cloud users are in need of a platform that aligns to basic intuition and innate preference of a human mind, i.e. visual and vocal, enabling them to understand complex IT infrastructure in a simple way.

California, U.S. headquartered, with an office in Banglore, India,TotalCloud Inc. is doing just that. The company’s platform is uniquely
positioned as a first-of-its-kind interactive and immersive visual cloud platform that provides complete cloud visibility - the way a human mind uses visual thinking to understand complex issues. It helps visualize, analyze, monitor, manage, and optimize complete cloud infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

TotalCloud’s futuristic visual interface not only provides complete cloud visibility that helps locate and resolve a gamut of cloud monitoring and management issues from a single touch point, which present day platforms lack and cloud users are thus deprived of. The platform harnesses the power of a gaming platform to equip cloud users with a visually rich immersive platform for cloud management and behavioral-AI to help maneuver the cloud resources intelligently.

With deep industry knowledge, the team gauged the difficulties and challenges faced by today's businesses using public cloud. Addressing any inhibition businesses may have, TotalCloud works with several customers and provides them with holistic cloud management. The company’s interactive and immersive console helps cloud users learn the real-time state of all the cloud services and empowers them to decipher all the levels of abstraction that cloud brings. Additionally, with a 360-degree visibility into the state of all cloud resources, cloud teams can perform root cause analysis of the affected resources and take corrective action.

With a vision to democratize cloud usage, the company is on a mission to create a cloud platform that's self-sustaining and can orchestrate cloud resources based on its learnings and manage on its own with minimal human intervention, just like a virtual cloud engineer.

Currently, TotalCloud is working on their Cloud Graph Platform, which is a proprietary tree-based auto service discovery platform for seamless multicloud and third-party integrations. Soon, the platform will have voice and chat support too.