SNAK India Consultancy Services: Pathway for Attaining Effective Cloud Transition

CIO Vendor In the race to induce ameliorated flexibility, better collaboration, robust disaster recovery and better post saving, cloud technology has become a focal point of enterprises worldwide. Though enterprises take a giant leap into the cloud enclave, major concerns related to data security, expertise and performance etc. annoy them intensely. Interestingly, a bevy of proficient players endeavour to strengthen their grip in the cloud tide; however, many overlook customers' necessities, priorities, and expectations. This is where Delhi NCR based SNAK INDIA Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., an IT consulting company, steps forward with global presence in India and Netherlands. It renders a portfolio of CX Cloud Solutions and Implementation Services on multiple platforms like Oracle, Microsoft, and other technologies. “We provide rich CX in cloud-based software solutions to our global customers for helping them attain better transformation easily. Essentially, we strive to meet our customer expectations by perceiving their needs, setting priorities and providing excellent customer service,” unveils Gaurav Bansal, Founder of SNAK INDIA Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Aside from CX Cloud Solutions, the company offers a repertoire of technology solutions incorporating Mobility Solutions, IoT and Enterprise solutions. It bolsters multiple industry verticals like manufacturing, automotive, finance, technology and consumer products etc., and has outspread its global presence to reinforce its customers in EMEA, US, Asia Pacific, Australia, and Japan.

With a dedicated team of technically proficient individuals, SNAK INDIA Consultancy Services tries to understand its customer necessities, cater complete awareness and confidence to them related to the right resource, strategy, technology, and approach, and deliver outcomes as per their expectations. While offering round the clock support and monitoring services, it ensures data security. By rendering training to enterprise resources, it helps them get
accustomed to the implemented solution easily. According to Gaurav Bansal, “We try to correlate proposed CX solutions with customer expectations and help them identify their financial results from the proposed solution implementation. Moreover, we pay attention to customer feedback on a regular basis and endeavour to resolve their challenges efficiently”.

We provide rich CX in cloud-based software solutions to our global customers for helping them attain better transformation easily

Primarily, SNAK INDIA Consultancy Services works on Oracle CX Cloud solutions like Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Engagement Cloud and CPQ etc. “We offer rapid implementation which can bring both competitive transformation and tangible outcomes to our clients' business,” evinces Gaurav Bansal. However, SNAK INDIA Consultancy Services understands that data loss and privacy risk are consistently ranked as top concerns of cloud customers. Therefore, it performs a risk assessment to address forecasted risks and challenges. Based on that assessment, it proposes CX cloud solutions to clients. In fact, it works closely with customers, tries to bring them out of the risk zone and mitigates their challenges by means of its expert team. If the customer is satisfied, only then it implements proposed the solution along with best cloud practices. Besides, it ensures that its customers are gaining faster ROI from the implemented solutions.

At present, SNAK INDIA Consultancy Services is capable of offering astounding services related to legacy data migration on the cloud, Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence and IoT solutions under CX portfolio. he implemented solutions.