Europa Technosoft: Equipping Businesses with an Enhanced Cloud Security Architecture

CIO Vendor The widespread popularity of cloud computing has given rise to a new generation of Cloud security platforms and Security-as-a-Service providers today. Corroborating this fact is Gartner’s research forecast which predicts the Global Cloud-based Security Services market to grow steadily and reach USD 9 billion by 2020. Some of the factors driving this growth are the increasing number of security threats, staffing pressure as well as the operational and cost benefits brought forth by these solutions. Furthermore, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly seeking Cloud Security services as the Cloud medium has proved to be a natural fit for their needs with its simplified features, affordable pricing, and ease of deployment and management. However, despite the many benefits offered by these solutions, the implementation of Cloud Security is also accompanied by challenges concerning visibility, vigilance, data loss, system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Acknowledging these challenges and opportunities, New Delhi headquartered Europa Technosoft Pvt. Ltd endeavors to resolve them with advanced Cloud-based Security enhancing solutions.

Founded in 2012, Europa Technosoft was initially set up as a single product company and has since evolved into a multiproduct and multitechnology enterprise, with its marketing network dispersed across the country. The company, in its quest to stay abreast of technological innovations, has created an expansive suite of products and services that encompass Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Network Security & Storage, Mobile Application services, Sales Automation, Document Management and Pharma Marketing management, to name a few. Amongst these services, the company’s Cloud Security solution UROSECURE stands out for its ability to eliminate a high level of up front costs and administrative burdens for its users. “Recognizing the dire importance of Cloud based Security solutions today, Europa has introduced its very own state-of-the-art security enhancing solution, UROSECURE, which at present assures
security to more than a million people through its dynamic service architecture,” affirms Prabind Singh, Founder & Managing Director, Europa Technosoft.

Europa has introduced its very own state-of-the-art security enhancing solution, UROSECURE, which at present assures security to more than a million people through its dynamic service architecture

In order to meet this need, UROSECURE serves as a real-time security enhancing solution that enables immediate capture of the identity of the entrant for any premises, be it corporate facilities, educational institutions, hostels or factories, and also ensures approval based entry. In addition to Photo capture, UROSECURE enables approval, authentication, and storage of the details of the entrant, on a 30-second real-time basis, while also acting as a strong deterrent to those entrants with malicious intent. On the whole, UROSECURE stands as an easy-to-use, maintenance-free, turnkey IT solution that provides quick access to information, while also protecting sensitive information. “Europa firmly believes that security cannot be a 100 percent effective if it is static and machine dependent and has thus made UROSECURE more dynamic through incorporating an artificial intelligence engine with behavior learning capabilities,” adds Prabind.

Despite a recent beginning, Europa Technosoft has already carved a niche for itself in this domain, having procured a broad customer-base across countries such as India and Africa. Envisioning an elaborate blueprint for the future, the company is all set to create its own 3tier Cloud Infrastructure in India and Johannesburg and bring more innovations into this space in the upcoming future.