Brimstone: Mitigating IT Risks for SMEs through Cost Effective Cloud Migration and Security

CIO Vendor Emerging and constantly evolving Cloud Computing technology has revolutionized the IT set up of businesses. It has ensured cost reduction, accelerated the business processes and enhanced performance. But it has its loop holes and demerits as well. One such issue that has become a key concern for companies is Security. Data breaches, thefts and cyber attacks have been continuously making headlines, giving the businesses much to bother about.

Cyber and cloud security company - Brimstone has developed a niche for itself in mitigating the security concerns. Its primary focus is on cloud security and other related technologies. Its specialty in tackling security concerns acts as its differentiator in this segment. Brimstone Systems LLP takes a unique approach to address security and risk challenges for organizations opting cloud solutions. Commenting on it, Pradeep Verma, CEO, Brimstone explains, “Operating in the cloud poses security challenges like - loss of visibility and control, API security, VM sprawl, to name a few. Our approach to address cloud security challenges is to leverage capabilities such as IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code), ensuring the right build and configuration every time and to continuously monitor and detect changes and enforce the desired state without any human intervention.”

SMEs, the fastest growing sector in India are marred with technological challenges. Small enterprises get stranded due to their budget constraints. Brimstone is offering its services for the SMEs to leverage cloud technology. Brimstone acknowledges the existing constraints and offers their cost effective cloud solutions. “Security often takes a backseat in smaller organizations. We bring back the focus on security irrespective of the size of operations. While we have partnerships with some of the best in class cloud security solutions providers, we leverage native capabilities of the cloud to bring
effective security for smaller organizations to keep the costs low. For instance, utilizing Lambda (server-less computing) on AWS to detect changes and enforce the desired state,” Verma explains.

Our approach to address cloud security challenges is to leverage capabilities such as IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code), ensuring the right build and configuration every time

Brimstone provides continuous consulting through all phases of the cloud migration as well as during the operations. The consulting phase entails feasibility study, preparing the business case, creating roadmap to architect the solution and consulting during deployment to post deployment management. On this note, Verma emphasizes, “It ensures the architecture is secure by design and security isn’t an after thought. We also ensure that the solution provides maximum visibility and control and has automated incident response built-in to minimize human intervention”.

Thought of having in-house cyber security team is another cost impediment area for SMEs. The job is done by the existing IT team only. Brimstone offers the expertise of CISO to guide the IT team through its Virtual CISO (vCISO). It is designed to handle any security and privacy requirements. The vCISO acts as a subject matter expert on newer security technologies and threats, and hence is beneficial to large enterprises with dedicated Cyber team and CISOs as well.

Brimstone is currently offering Cloud Security Training for businesses based on CCSP credential. In its upcoming project, Brimstone would be offering a lab on securing AWS, GCP VPC and Azure’s VNet.