Bigdatamatica Solutions: Reinforcing to Reap Cloud Success

CIO Vendor With the potential to yield improved storage, better scalability and apparent cost saving, cloud technology allures enterprises of all sizes globally. Though the cloud enclave abounds with technology giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Oracle, many organizations need ardent support from innovative IT players to take a giant leap into cloud arena and leverage it. This is where Hyderabad headquartered Bigdatamatica Solutions steps forward. “With a dynamic team of experienced professionals, we help our clients realize the advantages of moving to public cloud. Our cloud services portfolio includes Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Essentially, we offer cloud services and support around AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud, and help our clients host their servers,” evinces Mudragada Durgaprasad, Director of Bigdatamatica Solutions. Concurrently, it offers solutions in the areas of Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BI & Data warehousing etc. Bigdatamatica brings out products and services for industry verticals like Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Marketing & Media, and Telecom to name a few.

In the era of cloud computing, Bigdatamatica, a Bigdata and Analytics expert, bolsters its clients by catering services around AWS, Azure, and IBM Cloud. Its approach to AWS, helps businesses attain increased agility and time to market, reduced costs, risk and complexity, and ensures regulatory compliance. Besides, with Microsoft Azure, it caters services like Data Platform Modernization, Data Exploration and Visualization, and Big Data Integration.

Bigdatamatica's central goal is to organize data and convert it into insightful information. Hence, it brings in mature technologies for analyzing massive datasets to uncover unseen designs, unspecified correlations, business tendencies, client preferences and other useful information, that can help organizations to make better informed business decisions. According to Mudragada Durgaprasad, “Our
domain expertise coupled with technical competencies aids us to define a big data strategy for our clients, integrate massive data into their over-all IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution, and empower their business.” Moreover, the company renders Big data and Analytics on Hadoop. Its team of Hadoop and business consultants work closely with clients to ensure that their data solutions are up-to-date and cost effective. Its repertoire of Hadoop offerings incorporates consulting services, platform recommendations and deployment, Hadoop cluster capacity planning, data modeling, performance tuning and managed services etc.

With a dynamic team of experienced professionals, we help our clients realize the advantages of moving to public cloud

Furthermore, Bigdatamatica delivers service offerings related to Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Its services portfolio comprises of network optimization solution for better customer service, Bot/IP analysis, and customer recommendations, telecom CDR data analysis, 360 degree customer view, financial budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis, financial fraud analysis, healthcare predictive analysis and telemetry data security etc. Besides, it provides consulting services in the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, AR, and VR.

Moving ahead, Bigdatamatica endeavors to expand its services to different parts of the globe. “Our on premise and cloud-based upcoming projects and product development include Chatbot (Calling Bot, Database Bot, Interactive computer avatars) development, and Image, Audio, Video and Facial Recognition, and Conversion with Deep Learning etc.,” concludes Mudragada Durgaprasad.