ANEMOI TECHNOLOGIES: Enabling Organizations to Harness the Power of Cloud

CIO Vendor Delivering businesses across verticals with the supremacy of unmatched flexibility, cost efficiency, lower operational risks with greater security and scope for collaboration, the cloud has practically leveled the field between all businesses, regardless of their size. However, while businesses are rapidly moving forward to adopt cloud, it’s no secret that transitioning to the cloud isn’t a piece of cake. A number of challenges are bound to crop up, resolving which is imperative if businesses wish to leverage the technology to gain a competitive edge in the market. Selecting the right cloud variant from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS), stands as one of the foremost challenges that organizations encounter. Security and privacy is another leading challenge that has been, for long, over shadowing the expansion of cloud. Other challenges include availability and accessibility to cloud, performance, bandwidth cost and more. Consequently, industry honchos and CIOs are finding themselves hunting for ways to build on the advantage of the cloud while eliminating the associated risks. This is where cloud solution providers step into the picture, bringing in expertise in architecting and managing cloud services while strategically navigating organizations around the challenges and facilitating a successful cloud environment. In fact, with proven advantages, Cloud Managed Solution Providers (MSP) have been garnering a lot of popularity in the cloud market. Backing this is the research by Gartner which forecasts the cloud managed services market to grow at a CAGR of 14.6% between the period 2017-2022, reaching an estimated USD 53.78 Billion.

An emerging name in the Cloud MSP domain is Anemoi Technologies. Spearheading the segment with the mission to solve real-world challenges by harnessing the power of technology, Anemoi delivers innovative solutions that simplify business operations while enabling clients to create a distinction in the market. This Gurugram based technology consulting and services start-up has been facilitating organizations with end to end managed cloud services in close alignment with the industry best practices. Anemoi assists organizations in all cloud components- IAAS, SAAS and PAAS. Of its position in the Cloud MSP segment, Pilania V S, CEO-Anemoi Technology shares, “Anemoi Technologies is a start-up, born in the cloud era. We firmly believe that cloud is a seamless technology that can help organizations not just build but get the infrastructure up and running in a matter of days. We have helped multiple industries, including leading start-ups, leapfrog their IT infrastructure”.

Expertise in All Cloud Variants
The current business landscape is starkly characterized by neck to neck competition between companies who seek to capture a fair share of the market. Simultaneously, customer’s demands also appear to be on the rise. At such times, hosting infrastructure on the cloud proves to be a better and more efficient alternative as opposed to hosting space and resource consuming on-site data centers. Anemoi’s IAAS services strengthen organizations with state of art cloud infrastructure which capacitates unparallel scalability and agility. With the complete deployment of various cloud components such as data centers, networks and applications virtually, clients enjoy greater cost savings on hardware and infrastructure and disaster recovery while standing strong against the changing market dynamics.

Additionally equipped with a product division, Anemoi has developed three solutions which have found implementation across verticals. The firm’s proprietary PAAS solution has been designed keeping the challenges of developers in mind. While enabling them to concentrate solely on developing competitive solution while taking away the onus of managing and maintaining the complex hardware and software. Anemoi’s PAAS harnesses cloud technology along with the power of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IOT). The firm has also put forth their proprietary SAAS solution that uses cloud infrastructure as a delivery mechanism while riding on the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big data. This solution now addresses multiple challenges and problems in the verticals of Aerospace, Healthcare, and Retail.

Empowering Organizations with Big Data Analytics
Another area where clients are greatly benefitted from Anemoi is the firm’s expertise over is Big Data and associated services. With the recent explosion of the cloud, business organizations are now generating an overwhelming amount of data, harnessing which is
now imperative, if businesses wish to empower one self with competitive insights. Anemoi assists client organizations from the very start of their big data journey. From designing data lake that can hold an enormous amount of raw data to the end goal of leveraging the data to make analytics-driven decisions, Anemoi’s team of engineers and architects work in close association with clients and handhold them through each and every step of their Big Data journey.

Cloud Is A Seamless Technology That Can Help Organizations Not Just Build But Get The Infrastructure Up And Running In A Matter Of Days. We Have Helped Multiple Industries, Including Leading Start-Ups, Leapfrog Their It Infrastructure

Security ingrained at the Core
At the basic level of the cloud architecture, Port-Level Security and filters like Network Acess Control Lists (NACL) supervises the flow of information in and out of network interfaces. With the incorporation of Identity and Access Management (IAM), Anemoi ensures that IT managers are enabled to control access to all information. Taking the role of individual users within the enterprise into account, IAM allows role-based access control. This equips system administrators to regulate access to systems or networks. Additionally, practices such a Key Rotation and Encryption further enhance the security. Monitoring and Logging solutions such as Cloud Watch and Cloud trail ensure effective management of the cloud-based application and infrastructure. Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS)enable organizations stand strong against the fiercest of the attacks. Provisioning storage solutions such as S3 and Glacier ensure that data is retained safely while delivering easy accessibility

With top-notch technology solutions framed around the cloud from 3rd party solution providers such as Antivirus and ATP (Advance Threat Prevention), DLP (Data Protection) SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Backup & Automation tools (BCP & DR), Anemoi ensures that clients are in compliance with organizations policies.

Optimizing IT Spends
Anemoi’s clients are benefitted from the firm’s ability to optimize their IT spends. Pilania V S states, “We considerably reduce the operating costs of IT infrastructure. By providing elasticity as a core pillar of our solutions, clients’ needs are met with unique solutions which utilize infrastructure only when a compute is necessary. This, in turn, enhances their profitability.” Anemoi’s expertise in the field is further validated by successful implementations of solutions and an expert team of cloud professionals. These professionals certified in all different cloud technologies equip the firm to cater to the unique requirements of the client while striking the perfect blend between cloud skills and expertise at a time when the market remains largely distributed up between the major cloud computing vendors.

The aforementioned were only a few amongst Anemoi’s wide array of solutions. Other services include Application Development, Application Management, including competencies in all the major cloud technologies and more. The firm has also successfully delivered a number of MDM, BYOD, DLP solutions across the globe. Support centers and offices across India, Middle East, Europe and UK enable Anemoi to continuously respond to the calls for assistance with Remote Infra Support.

“We are arguably amongst the few start-ups in India which has an equal share of revenues in all kind of cloud services like IaaS, PaaS & SaaS. Over 25% of our revenue goes into research and development in Artificial Intelligence and Material Sciences,” shares Pilania V S. Incepted only a year back, Anemoi Technologies has been witnessing high growth trajectory and plans to continue its efforts in research and development. The firm is enthusiastic about its positive EBITA which clearly proves the strength of Anemoi’s team of data scientists, engineers, and architects. In the times ahead, the market can expect to see Anemoi Technologies working in close alignment with multiple disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data, Software Defined Networks and BioComputing, wherein the firm has already made a heavy investment during its pre-incubation stage.